Morrison’s Market Kitchen

As well as having a variety of family lead run coffee shops, Lutterworth is also exceptionally lucky to state that they have a local Morrison’s. As well as grabbing the groceries for the week ahead, customer’s do have the option of getting a decent bite to eat at Morrison’s own Market Kitchen.

Inside the Market Kitchen, customers will be able to choose from a rather filling breakfast, to a variety of pub classic foods, to foods from around the world such as an Indian dish for example like Chicken Tikka Masala. The children are just as important to the employees of the Market Kitchen as adults are; therefore, the Market Kitchen does offer a sandwich box offer, for children which will include at least a sandwich and a soft drink if nothing else.

The café itself is light, with plenty of seating to choose from.

Taking our word for it, would simply be too easy. So why not look at some of the reviews, or go online to Morrison’s in Lutterworth yourself, to find out more?