Lanes Deli and Fine Foods

Lanes Deli and Fine Food is in amongst the top 10 Best Café’s to come and visit here in Lutterworth.

If you are the one who really likes to go to town on quality food, then this organisation is the place you are going to want to visit; this business prides itself very much so on being a haven for food lovers and cooks alike.

This is down to offering delicious ingredients and seasonal produce, which can be either eaten in or taken away. Customers can have the option of having a sincere breakfast and / or a substantial lunch.

Likewise, there is an Artisan Cheese counter to include cured meats, plus also fresh bread to offer.

Lanes Deli and Fine Foods also offer their customer a chance to spend some money on others who are close to them by preparing bespoke made hampers, which can be considered a fantastic option for a present whether it be for a birthday, or for other celebratory reasons, such as Christmas or New Year.

Of course, we can say all we can to try and entice you to purchase food here, however, may be our words is not the only words you should trust. Why not look at the many reviews that post-visit customers have written?