Indian Vojon

10-12 Bank Street, Lutterworth, 01455 552528

Indian Vojon is another Bangladeshi / Indian restaurant which specialises in serving the finest cuisines from different parts of Indian/Bangladeshi subcontinents.

What is on offer to the customers of Indian Vojon is a spacious, exquisite lounge area which provides the ideal venue for drinks before their meal and relaxation after. The restaurant has a capacity to seat 96. There is also a fully licensed bar. The decor is modern and relaxed with hints of the old and authentic twinned.

As Indian Vojon take customers on an adventurous gourmet experience with their signature and recommended dishes that are precisely prepared, marinated and slowly cooked to allow a sound blending of exotic spices and flavours, combine this with the skills and expertise of their professional and attentive team. Great care and attention is taken by Indian Vojon’s dedicated team to ensure only the finest and freshest ingredients are selected to prepare the finest authentic cuisine.

Parties and reservations are welcome, customer’s of the restaurant may also take advantage of Indian Vojon’s spacious lounge and a large extravagant dining area.

Not only is Indian Vojon a place to sit and eat to enjoy on a nightly basis, but they are committed to the community that they serve within and undertakes to help local groups and charities. They organise regular charity evenings.

Should you require any more information on what food Indian Vojon offers their customers, feel free to visit their website. If you are looking for reviews from post diners, you may also want to check out the reviews on their

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