Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is a mainstream coffee shop and has arrived in Lutterworth. It is very popular and offers all the same products and services that Costa Coffee as a whole offer.

Inside feels like you are sitting inside the lounge of your very own home, with a carpeted floor and lashes of furniture built for comfort.

Nicely displayed in the cake cabinet is a range of cakes from a simple tray bake, to a wedge of sponge cake, all for your delight.

If you find yourself with a preference to snacking more savoury food than sweet food, then never fear as Costa Coffee also has that as an option to persuade your taste buds to buy.

Of course, it is not all about the food. Costa Coffee is renowned for the coffee itself as this organisation lets your eyes feast on the coffee options. Whether you are after a milky or strong coffee, Costa Coffee can supply it all just for you. It’s not just coffee and tea that are on offer either on the selection of drinks, depending upon how you feel, you may prefer to freshen those taste buds of yours with a Frostino or Smoothie or even as far to say and Iced Coffee. The options are endless.

It may not be so easy to believe what we say, but if you have any doubts, you can always head online and read reviews from other customers who have experienced such wonder.