Cheiko’s Restaurant

12 Church Street Lutterworth. 01455 559869

For over 20 years, this restaurant has been serving their delicious Authentic Italian menu to diners in Lutterworth. If you combine this offering with the employee’s passion for taste, quality for ingredients and remarkable service, it is understandable why this restaurant is a great choice of many in Lutterworth to return back to time and time again.

The variety of food is nothing short of exquisite with an option of starters made for vegetarians as well as non – vegetarians, to include something as humble as chef’s soup of the day, to something quite diverse such as ‘Fromage De Chevre’ (which in the English language) is Goat cheese, tomatoes and chive wrapped in feuille de brick baked with sweet red peppers and served on a mixed leaf.

Moving away from starters, and getting to grips with the main menu, again there are food options for vegetarians to include a wonderful vegetarian Calzone, to a more complex ‘Melange alla Parmigiana’ (which in the English language) equates to Layers of aubergine, basil, tomato, courgette, and mozzarella sprinkled with parmesan then slowly baked and presented with a red pepper coulis.

The main menu for non – vegetarians does not disappoint either; if there are some customers who like Sea food as a main, then they can spoil themselves with a main dish of Sea Bass. Or if their taste buds prefer going all out for an Italian dish, then ‘Rigatoni Carbonara’ would be their choice of dish.

If customer’s are wanting the restaurant to be used for a more formal event, this restaurant does offer a function room, which can be rented out. More detail’s on this can be found on the website, or there is an option to give Cheiko’s a phone call directly.

If you would like to look at reviews before your visit, feel free to do so on their Facebook page: