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Lutterworth, a small but ever growing market town in the southern most point of Leicestershire. Will it’s easy commuting to many town and cities from London to Sheffield, it becomes more of a dormitory town.

Though, Lutterworth does have a very distinguished past.

1066 Mentioned in the Doomsday books.

14th Century the birthplace of “The Morning Star of the Reformation” and the first-ever translation of the bible to English, by John de Wycliffe

1836 The Lutterworth Town Hall, designed by a well known Hinckley designer – Joseph Hansom, of the Hansom Cab fame.

1940s The development and production of the first jet engines, by Frank Whittle.

Indeed, it is alleged that the first powered flight took place nearby, Stanford Hall, by Percy Pilcher, 1899.

Here’s a locally made video containing some of the features of the town.

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